Stupid Little Cum Pig Doesn’t Need Feminism


stupid little cum pig doesn't need feminism

Courtesy of MdeSa

Lots of bitches think they need feminism, when really, they just need to submit to the patriarchy like this stupid little cum pig here. This stupid little cum pig doesn’t need feminism, because it has already accepted its place and function. Its function, like all cunts, is to be an eager and willing receptacle for men’s piss and cum at all times.

Cunts have no right to refuse service to any cock that wants to use it, unless the bitch is owned by a man. Then, of course, the owner has every right to decide if and how his own property may be used. This is the natural order of things, and once cunts get it out of their empty heads that they’re anything more than stupid little cum pigs, the better off the world will be.